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Welcome to Ape School

My name is John Keeting, Professor John Keating. Maybe you know me from some movies. I was away for some time. But now I am back, back to school.

I am back – I have changed a little bit. I am now MAYC #21506 and I am your school director.

Our school is named “Ape School” because it is directed by me, an ape, the mutant bored ape himself.

We call our students Masters of Blockchain because that’s what they exactly will become. They are Masters of my world.

Let me present to you our unique school where you can learn everything about Blockchain technology, Cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and related business concepts.

At this school everything is very special: teachers, topics taught and focus.
This school is teaching you to recognize and use your opportunities.

Come in and see by yourselves.

About Ape

Ape School is a unique place to learn everything that you need to know about Blockchain, cryptocurrencies and NFTs. And all that from a technology and business point of view.

Sure, there are millions of other schools, consulting companies, YouTube channels and many other great resources to learn from.

But there is only one unique source in the world created and run by the CEO of a successful international company and owner of the Mutant Apes.
This unique source is Ape School.

Our target is to teach you all the needed details about this new exciting world so you are able to recognize opportunities and make your own strategical decisions.
And we mean decisions for your company and for you privately.

There will be many other schools and many other teachers in our network, soon too.
All schools in our network and all other teachers will be certificated by the school director Professor John Keating and by our headteacher personally.

As we are Ape School, the official currency in our school is $ape coin and the official place to be is “Otherside”.

Our founder and headteacher is Darko Pavic.

But it would be best if he introduces himself.

“Hello everyone, nice to meet you in the crypto space.

My Name is Darko Pavic and I am your headteacher.

I am an engineer, and I finished my master’s degree in Paderborn, Germany. I am running my own company, Fiscal Solutions, for more than 19 years. The company is active in 22 countries (the 23rd is Metaverse 🙂 ). We are specialized in IT in retail. We provide software solutions for big international retailers and vendors of complex business solutions. Our customers are companies like IKEA, Metro, New Yorker, Deichmann, Oracle, GK Solutions, NCR and many others.

My first love was software development and I am still coding as soon as I have some time.

I am a big crypto enthusiast, too. That’s why it is not surprising that I also own Mutant Ape #21506. I am glad to be a member of this very exclusive community with extended knowledge and experiences in the crypto space.

I can say that I know the business, that I know technologies, and that I recognize opportunities.

All that is the best combination to enable you to identify your chances and to be a winner in the crypto world.

All the teachers in my team are trained and certificated by me. They are following the same philosophy, they use the same methods and materials, their focus is the same and they have the same deep knowledge about crypto space.”

Our focus

– explaining technologies in a simple way. Just enough to easily understand what’s important

– analyzing and showing business opportunities within this new environment

– discussing business concepts that are existing or that could be created and

– analyzing real running projects to learn what are they doing great and what could be done better

Certificated teachers

“All other teachers in my team are trained and certificated by me. They are following the same
philosophy, they use the same methods and materials, their focus is the same and they have
the same deep knowledge about crypto space.” Professor J. Keeting

Our master class

Specially designed for real hard-core beginners.

You don’t need any technical or financial knowledge, you will learn and understand all you need to know.

7 lessons, >11 hours
Online, according to the schedule
Created for beginners
Price: 0 APE (or ETH, Euro)
Certificate of participation airdropped to your wallet (NFTs done by great artist, on Ethereum)
Postgraduate program (lifelong) included
Ape School
Masterclass #5 2023
Q1 2023
08.05.2023 - 19.06.2023
coming soon
Masterclass #5 2023
Q1 2023
08.05.2023 - 19.06.2023

Let's learn about Blockchain, NFTs and Cryptocurrencies, let's master the web3 space! Want to identify opportunities? You will learn everything that you need in order to be able to identify your next big chance. Want to learn about exciting trends? Everybody is talking about it, you should be able to understand what is all about! Want to learn about brand-new technologies? Even if you don’t have any technical or financial background, you will get and understand all the needed basics.

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Masterclass #5 2023

You will learn about the differences and the relations between blockchain and bitcoin. We will talk about major elements of the blockchain and how they work. What is block, what are the major parts of it, what is mining and why is it that complex? But we will also explain the used technologies like creating hash values, digital signatures and so on. After providing an example, the complete concept of blockchain technology will be very clear. At the end we will talk about different types of blockchain and their advantages and disadvantages. With an overview about some interesting blockchain platforms we will close this session. After this lecture you will understand blockchain and all related technology.

Session language: English!


In this part we will explain the current monetary system to you and how it was developed. You will learn the difference between digital currency and cryptocurrency. We will talk about advantages of the cryptocurrency system and what you have to know if you want to use it. Even more we will go in detail about Bitcoins, Ethernum, Cardano and Solana. We will make a direct comparison of them as well. After this lecture you will understand cryptocurrencies and you will know some of them in detail.

Session language: English!


We will learn what NFTs are and what makes them valuable. We will also talk about market and market development. At the end we will discuss some interesting tools and how to buy NFTs if you want. Prerequisite: blocks before After this lecture you will understand NFTs and related concepts.

Session language: English!


One of the trending use cases of blockchain technology are NFTs. It’s very important to understand the projects‘ basics. We will talk about the different types of the projects, how to find the projects and which tools are used often. But the most important part is to understand how to determine the value of a project. To explain details we will used some very interesting and trending examples. Prerequisite: blocks before After this lecture you will understand NFT projects and related concepts.

Session language: English!


Key to success of any web3 project is the community around. In order to be able to create your community you have to understand the space and to understand basic “dynamics” of the communities. In this session we will talk about NFT space and related communities. You will learn the most important rules to create your won community.

Session language: English!


Cryptocurrencies and NFTs are a big hype today. Based on that there are hundreds of financial products which could be used to invest and to earn some profits. Daily there are new products coming. Getting an overview about all those products is not easy and that’s why a decission about where to invest is also very difficult. In this part of the course we will create an overview about basic investment possibilities and we will discuss each. Prerequisite: blocks before After this lecture you will have an overview about possibilities for potential investment.

Session language: English!!


Everybody is talking about it and many companies are even already investing heavily in it. But what is it actually and are there any opportunities for you there? We will discuss the technology which is base for it but also the related business concepts. But the comparison of the existing Metaverse will also be in our focus. In the end, you will understand the concept of Metaverse and you will be able to make your own decision if it is something for you or not.

Session language: English

Our certificate NFTs are beautiful art

One unique NFT for each participant. Each NFT is unique and is created by young artists. Already by that, it has a great value, not to talk about potential future as soon as this artist becomes popular. These NFTs have your data as NFT trait and not on it. By that we increase their value even more.
If you like to see our certificates please check out our OpenSea

After the masterclass, you can enjoy all services from the extensive postgraduate program without any additional costs.


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Postgraduate program

If you earn a certificate of participation NFT or if you purchase our NFTs (e.g. Masters of Blockchain NFT) you are automatically part of our postgraduate program. By that you have:

By that you have:
Access to a private area on our discord server
Free exclusive trainings on a regular base.
Interesting documents for download (templates, presentations, etc.).
Chance to win tickets for interesting conferences and summits.
Exclusive meetups.
Many other interesting giveaways.
What’s next?

If you are the holder of any of our NFTs you can enjoy all of these great exclusive events:


Ape School
How to create whitepaper for your web3 project?
21.12.2022, 6 PM CET
How to create whitepaper for your web3 project?
By Ana Bosnjak, Marketing specialist
21.12.2022, 6 PM CET

Whitepapers are getting the most important document of every web3 project. In some countries, they are even legally required. In this session, we will learn how to create a good whitepaper and which elements are most important.

Exclusively for our NFT holders

Ape School
Artists have to know this to be successful in Web3 space
17.01.2023, 6 PM CET
Artists have to know this to be successful in Web3 space
By Ivana Ehrensvärd, Art Director Ape School
17.01.2023, 6 PM CET

Web3 concepts and blockchain technology keep gaining growing interest among different industries and among the broader general public. Naturally, the number of artists expressing interest in NFTs is increasing. In this presentation, we will explain what NFT space is all about and how to become a prominent member of the NFT art scene.

Exclusively for our NFT holders

Join our


If you want to offer your students something truly special you are in the right place.
Be part of this unbelievable trend and participate in Bored Ape Yacht Club and crypto hype.
Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, NFTs and Bored Apes can make a difference for your business.
You can join our network as a school or as a freelancing teacher.

Having an Ape School license brings lots of benefits:

  • You will get a license to use our school director original MAYC #21506 for your advertisement and on all your materials. Show that you are part of the trend!
  • We take care of the creation, issuing and distribution of NFT certificates of participation. You don’t need to learn it!
  • We take care of the post-graduate program. You don’t need any of your own resources for it!
  • We run a Discord server to provide services defined in the postgraduate program e.g. access to the private area. You don’t need to learn Discord!
  • We provide the materials for all classes of the masterclass that you can use to adopt them according to your needs. You don’t need to create everything alone.
  • We provide trainings for your teachers. We enable them to work very easily.
  • You are listed on our internet page (by that you are already part of all our advertisements and all other activities). We show to everyone that you are part of the ape community.
  • It’s a yearly package that you can cancel at any time with very transparent risk for you.

Having an Ape School license for you means a new income without any headaches.

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